It runs in the family

Timothy And Colleen

I am extremely lucky… Not only have I been able to indulge myself in one of the world’s most creative and satisfying crafts, but I have also been able to look on and watch my family show off their creative talents, often inspiring me to explore new ideas and designs.

My husband, Timothy, also an artist, created several of my embroidery designs– The Phoenix Fan, the Jade Dragon, Serene (the mermaid), Twilight (the unicorn), Harry Hedgehog, Monty Mouse, Terry Toad and soon, Dr Brock. He has steady hands and I often rely on him to redraw and balance my designs.

The rest of my family also enjoy creating art – often inspired by our beautiful country.

My daughter, Samantha has contributed with the delightful creations of Milo the Meerkat, Palesa the Pangolin and soon Bella the Bush-baby.

My other daughter, Nicola, is an accomplished artist and has published several children’s books; and illustrated others for publishers and authors. She also captures peoples’ special memories with portrait illustrations. Her own daughter, Jaimee (my grand-daughter) at sixteen, is just entering the graphic world and is already having her artwork commissioned by publishers and seeing her stories in print.

My sister, Carol Honey, is a talented writer and poet. She has published a delightful series of very successful children’s poetry books called ‘Honey Tales Africa’. David, her husband is excellent in marketing and selling her books.

I have decided to share some of their creativity on my website, so please feel free to explore and follow their links to their creative worlds.

They say I inspire them; however, they are the most special motivational team I could ever wish for.

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